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How Do You Use VisitID To

Market to Your New Prospects?

#1. It all starts with a Targeting Pixel… A little snippet of code that is added to your website

#2. When a Visitor lands on your website, the Pixel fires & begins collecting as much information about that user as possible

#3. The Pixel cross-references that anonymous data with a consumer database to get you more information on that visitor

What are the Benefits of VisitID?

  • Data collected is secure & compliant

  • Uses sensors to collect anonymous device-level data

  • Audiences are in real-time

  • Marketing messaging stays relevant

  • Audience is already in the buying frame of mind

  • Campaigns get much higher engagement
  • Create a seamless user experience

  • True multi-channel marketing approach

  • Have a better understanding of who your customer really is & what are their attributes

  • Begin to build trust with your prospects

  • Better conversion rates

  • Able to optimize marketing

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